daily dessert

Picture 696

Despite appearances, this is not lunar terrain. This is the flourless, butterless, gluten free dark chocolate cookie I had for dessert yesterday.

I was wandering around on my lunch break trying to find something sweet and I stopped into my old haunt, Dishes, to see what they had to offer me. I had a terrible time making a decision because, although it all looked good, nothing screamed out at me.

I finally decided on the dark chocolate everything-less cookie. I have no idea why, to be honest. It seemed like a slightly more nutritious choice than the straight-up regular cookie, plus it had nuts in it, which I thought could work. And I asked the woman behind the counter if it was good and she said it was “Amazing.” Hmph. I’ll be the judge of that.

Picture 694

Picture 697

When I took the first bite, I was disappointed. Where’s the flour and the butter? I thought. And the gluten? Where’s the gluten? This tastes like chocolate cardboard.

But then I took another bite and another and the damn thing started to really grow on me. It was chewy, really really chewy, but I sort of liked that about it. And it tasted almost denser than a real cookie in some respects. I thought, Okay, so if there’s no flour or butter, what is there? There’s sugar, nuts, certainly a lot of dark chocolate, vanilla, maybe an egg? It didn’t say eggless. Not bad, Dishes.

I ate it over the course of an hour, a little bite here, a little bit there, along with a cup of half decaf / half regular coffee with milk. And it was really quite tasty. It was chocolatey, a little salty, filling, and did I mention chewy? I’d definitely get it again.

But I’m not becoming a vegan or anything, don’t worry.

Picture 698

One thought on “daily dessert

  1. Not as long as you’re eating cookies with eggs you’re not 😉

    I’m predisposed against any food that advertises itself based on what it lacks, but that’s just me. Oddly enough, I have the opposite feeling about hygiene products and cosmetics. When they say “SLS/Phlalate/Paraben…Free” I’m sold.

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