this has been some vacation


I took a break from blogging this weekend. I missed writing, but it was nice to be unplugged for a few days. I had a great vacation weekend – I think I really needed it, and it felt fantastic.

I left the office for the week on Friday around 3:30pm. That was the last of our “summer Fridays.” I’ve quit just in time! My last day as an employee there will be September 29.

I’ve been feeling particularly more social and relaxed since I quit my job. Working at the law firm has had me feeling spread too thin, stressed out, over-obligated and like I didn’t have control over the way I spent my time.

Since I quit I’ve been wanting to hang out with my friends and enjoy myself so much more often because I just feel more relaxed already. Tomorrow, it will be a week since I told her I was leaving and it’s been a great week.

A bunch of us went out on Friday for happy hour, which led into regular hour. We all got pretty drunk and had a great time talking and laughing on the warm, busy streets of the West Village.

On Saturday, Kevin and I went for a run and then I went to a fun and easy Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal. Kev and I hung out with Billy and Daniel in Queens that night. Another fun, easy time. We ate junk food, played games and watched Burning Man on a live webstream.

On  Sunday, Kev and I decided at the last minute to join a bunch of our friends who were going up to Connecticut to spend Labor Day at our friend Tim’s house.


Good GOOD decision. We all met up early Sunday morning and trained to Fairfield where our friends picked us up and took us back to an absolutely beautiful Connecticut home complete with huge, deep pool, hot tub, bonfire pit and giant backyard for our lounging pleasure.





We had a blast. The beer flowed all day long, the food was delicious and plentiful and we swam, dove, played hide and seek, bocce, croquet, told scary stories by the fire late at night and slept like rocks when the day was done. We woke up this morning, Labor Day, and did it again. More swimming, eating, drinking, lounge-lizarding. We had water contests (Marina won a bunch of them!), cannon-ball jumped from the hot tub into the pool and ran back to the hot tub to do it again. Dozens of times. It was just excellent. I was in heaven.

Time spent like this – indulging in the simple but incredible pleasures of life – is so rejuvenating. Now back home in Brooklyn, having just eaten take out for dinner and stared at the TV for an hour, I feel like I treated myself to an expensive spa day. I’m relaxed, sun-kissed and I’m going to crash into bed tonight.

I would have easily been able to enjoy this weekend even if I weren’t about to work my last day at my desk job, but knowing that I just gave myself the fantastic gift of pursuing my own happiness made all the other gifts I received this weekend that much more delightful.

Our friend Tim’s parents are incredibly sweet, kind people. We are going to send them a thank you gift for all they did for us this weekend. I think we ate them out of house and home, aside from taking over their lives for two days straight.

Thanks for the vacation from blogging. I’m sorry I don’t have any desserts to share from my trip. We had some delicious ice cream with brownies last night but I didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll have to imagine it. It was good.

I’m going into work a little bit late tomorrow because Harvard Sailing Team is performing at Freshman Orientation for NYU Tisch’s Drama Department. Eight of the nine people in HST studied acting together at Tisch, so it will be wild to perform for these Freshman on their first day of School. I was in their shoes 11 years ago. Whoa.

Hope you all had a nice long weekend.

Oh and by the way…Blue is a few days into her month without survival work and she’s already learning a lot. It seems like she’s also enjoyed some simple pleasures in the last few days. I’m so proud of her.


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