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Jamaica 005

Yesterday was a long one. Kevin and I woke up sometime in the 6 o’clock hour to head into the city for NYU’s Freshman Orientation at Tisch, where Harvard Sailing Team did a forty-minute set around 9:30am. That’s a tough time of day to perform comedy. But the willing and eager audience of 500 incoming Freshman seemed to have a great time and we had fun performing for them. It was impossible not to think back to my own Orientation over a decade ago and remember how excited, scared and totally unaware I was. Oh, life.

I’d only gotten about three hours of sleep the night before yesterday’s show – I hadn’t been able to fall asleep for some reason – and it made the early morning performance, followed by a full work day, followed by an evening rehearsal all feel rather painful. So when Adam brought two bags of candy – malted milk balls and watermelon sours – into our rehearsal last night, we all cheered and I was so grateful. It wasn’t exactly the healthiest way to energize myself, but I knew a little sugar would do just the trick.

And it worked! I felt great for a solid twenty minutes. Naturally, I soon after crashed down from my sugar flight and was more exhausted than ever. The candy was really yummy, though. It’s not often that I choose regular ol’ candy as my sweet treat for the day. I’m usually into more substantial sweets, but a little candy, although not “real” food necessarily, is a nice surprise sometimes. It reminds me of going to the movies as a kid.

When all my day’s obligations were finally said and done, and while visions of my new life post-desk-job danced in my head, I crawled into bed early last night and slept like the dead. And frankly? I could still sleep for another eight hours. This last week of staying out late, partying and not exercising as much as I want to has taken its toll on my body. It’s interesting how being just a couple years older can do that to you. I could have had a week like this when I was 25 and not have known the difference. Anyone who’s older than me will roll their eyes at this, but I have to mention because it’s just recently hit me – I’m going to be 29 in less than two months!! WHAT. WHAT. How did this happen?! MOM! I’m gonna be 29!! What the hell.

That’s not really related to desserts, but I felt the need to share my shock. 29. I’m practically dead.


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