what’s your damage, citibank?

Today has been a rough day. I’m doing a lot of extra work at the desk job right now and it’s mentally trying, mostly because I’m being a baby. But still.

Also, a bunch of important personal stuff randomly went missing from my computer. This is by no means the kind of office where people’s privacy is violated like that. Everyone’s always genuinely respectful about people’s personal stuff. So I’m pretty sure it was some kind of computer glitch, but it’s still upsetting. Of course, I care more about tracking that stuff down than I care about doing my actual job.

All that aside, I got a call from my credit card company that they’ve randomly decided to lower my credit limit from a nice comfy number to a less comfy number. I haven’t missed or been late on a payment to them – EVER. What’s up, Citibank? Why so mean?

So that’s a bit of disconcerting news to get when you’ve just quit your job. I’ve heard about these random acts of passive aggression happening on the part of the credit companies in recent months, but I thought I was in the clear. I’m going to *try* to look at it as a good thing (Won’t be able to run up my bill.), instead of as a crappy thing (What about my money cushion?!).

But! Also! I’m tired and grumpy and we don’t have any groceries and I never get to see my cats and my body is begging me for more yoga and I’m going out of town this weekend and I’m having trouble getting excited about it because I’m too busy to do any of the things I need to accomplish in order to feel like I’m not about to walk off a cliff into a valley of hungry bears who will eat me alive and reprimand me for neglecting my tax forms.

I know, I know, I quit my job. There’s always that diamond in the rough. I’m going to go exercise now – I’m hoping that will help clear the cobwebs and remind me how good I really have it.

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