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I’ve taken the day off work tomorrow, one of two vacation days I’ll take before my last day at the desk job.

I’m excited to have the day off, not because I get to lounge around and vacate, but because I’m gonna be working for myself instead!

On Saturday, Faryn and I are providing Fanny & Jane sweets for fashion designer Susan Woo‘s Fashion Week Presentation. Susan designs a ready to wear line of all-natural, sustainable, organic pieces and her Saturday morning presentation is going to be a first for us – we’re excited!! So tomorrow I’m making mini carrot coconut cupcakes and Faryn’s making red velvet cake bites.

Spending a weekday this way will be an interesting new experience for me. I’m not going to be working at a desk, I’m going to be working in a kitchen. And I will have a solid chunk of daylight (rather than late night) to accomplish all my tasks. I’m going to get up whenever I wake up, eat breakfast, take a bike ride, run a few errands, bake the cupcakes, do some yoga and then head to Faryn’s to put the finishing touches on our sweets. After that, we’ll head off to Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal where we’ll tighten up our brand new show that we’ll then perform at 9:30pm. So when the show is done at 10:30 or so, I’ll be done working for the day! Eeek! What a great way to spend my time.

I’m sure my brain will be racing and whirring around during the day tomorrow about all the other odds and ends that need to be addressed. I wish I didn’t have to combat those kinds of thoughts, but it’s tough because things are busy for me right now. I feel the impending pressure of my steady salary being cut off, I’ve had a lot of little logistical dramas clogging up my time and energy lately and the desk job has been busier than ever. And like I mentioned, HST has a new show (which means more rehearsal, not less) and I’m going to Boston to do an improv show with The Baldwins on Saturday night! Yikes. The next few days are the real deal. I’m going to try to live in the moments.

Even so, I’m grateful to have these little tastes of the kind of life that awaits. Even if it all feels a little hectic right now, a day to work for myself reminds me that there will be a time very soon when my days will no longer be filled with phone messages, photocopies, calendar items and email attachments, all for someone else’s business. I waffle between being terrified and nervous about leaving my job, to having complete faith that this is all going to work out in ways I can’t yet begin to imagine.

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