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This decadent chocolate chip cookie I enjoyed yesterday afternoon was one of the best food choices I’ve made in days. It was so incredibly delicious. It cost me 310 calories, but I cut back a few other places during the day to make up for it and I ate every last morsel. It was absolutely perfect as far as cookies go.

It was from Pret A Manger, where I usually get the harvest cookie. But I was dying for some chocolate yesterday afternoon. I’d eaten a filling and healthy lunch, taken a long jog/walk/stair run through Central Park on my break, and I knew it was time for chocolate. I work out for my body, my mind, and so I can have more chocolate.

I perused their baked goods section, at first a bit daunted by the calories – they have some 600 calorie muffins. Muffins in general tend to be super high in calories, which is a bummer because they’re yummy. But let’s be honest. I’d rather have a warm, fresh chocolate chip cookie over a boring muffin any day.

The best thing about the baked goods at Pret is that they keep them on display in a little warming oven so when you take your cookie, it’s still hot. And still gooey. And still melty. Oh god.

Okay, okay, the point is, it was really good, this cookie. As you might know, Pret uses fresh, all-natural ingredients, so their stuff always tastes really simple and “clean” to me. This cookie literally tasted like it was fresh out of my grandmother’s oven. It was even slightly burnt on the edges, which I love.

Can you believe I’ve found this much to say about a cookie? I’m serious about my sweets, you guys. And no, I’m not being paid by Pret A Manger to write cookie copy. I just happen to really like the place.

Oh and because I forgot to tell you so yesterday, dessert on Monday night involved sharing this box of Milk Duds with Kevin while we were at the movies. I can’t imagine Milk Duds are chemical-free, but I broke my rule for the evening.

Picture 11200

I love how this photo looks like an ad for the candy, with the box itself all bright and shiny and everything else fading into the background. It was a dark photo to begin with because the flash didn’t go off, so I auto-corrected it on the computer and it turned out looking like this.

We saw “Extract,” which was mostly disappointing, at times kinda funny, but all together forgettable. Bummer. I’ve always liked Jason Bateman. Who doesn’t?


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