I had a full, but relatively relaxing weekend. I spent much of it laying on my couch and napping or watching crime documentaries.

I tried to get a post written today and it just wasn’t happening. I’ve been majorly slacking on daily dessert too. Like I said in my last entry, I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated sitting at this job lately. You’d think being so close to the end would make it easier, but it’s actually just given me senior-itis.

I’m gonna try to shake my routines and habits up a bit and see if that helps me refocus for these last few weeks.

For now, I’ll mention that Sunday, the 27th, was my 7 year weight loss anniversary. It marked seven years since I joined the Weight Watchers program and started the journey toward losing 115 pounds! If you’ve never lost a bunch of weight, you might not understand why the exact date / anniversary is important to me, but it is. Interestingly though, this was the first year I totally forgot on the actual day! The day passed and it completely slipped my mind.

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