daily dessert

Picture 11273

Here are a few desserts I’ve missed telling you about.

I enjoyed one of these Fanny & Jane buttercream sandwich cookies last night. They’re good. (We will be selling them at the PIT tomorrow night!)

Picture 11274

Picture 11258

I forgave Pret A Manger for their calorie trespass and had a delightful “Love Bite” for dessert late last week. The Love Bite is a smaller version of their Love Bar, which is basically just a graham cracker crust bar topped with dark chocolate, nuts and coconut. And I love bars, as I’ve made abundantly clear in the past. It was divine.

Picture 11259

Picture 11241

This is a delightful little sundae I made myself over the weekend. It doesn’t look like much, but it was very tasty: chocolate soy ice cream, pieces of crumbled up dark chocolate crunch bar, a few sesame sticks, all-natural peanut butter and raspberries. It really hit the spot.

Picture 11235

And lastly, here are two chocolates I was gifted by a coworker on Friday. One was strawberry creme (that’s this one, even though the filling is white), and the other was caramel. I think they were just your standard candies from a box of candies. But sometimes that’s all you need.

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