a few nice things

Picture 11263

Unfortunately, I’m trapped under a pile of data entry today at the desk job. I’m actually making a concerted effort to choose to be less negative about the two and a half weeks remaining in my prison sentence. (Calling it a prison sentence might not be aiding that effort.) I do realize that situation itself – being stuck here for another couple weeks – is neutral and that only my attitude is what makes it positive or negative for me. Oh and the data entry also makes it negative. Data entry is not neutral. Data entry is for the birds.

Although! I do sometimes listen to fun podcasts while I enter various datas. Mom, you’ll be delighted to know that I occasionally listen to Car Talk episodes while I do this data entry. So I suppose that’s a silver lining.

Anyway, I don’t have time to write a proper post today, due to all the entries necessitated on the part of the data, so instead I’ll just post a few shots of things that have made me happy recently. You know, for the sake of being positive.

The one above is a shot of a small church on Sixth Avenue and 10th street, and the beautiful blue sky September morning behind it.

Picture 11265

These are lovely, fragrant flowers that my thoughtful boyfriend bought for me on Friday before he was about to go to Toronto for the weekend. What a special surprise treat that was. Gentleman, never underestimate the power of gifting flowers to your lady for no reason. Getting flowers on a random day of the year might even be better than getting them on your birthday or anniversary. Frankly, even one single flower will do. You know how we are. The gesture means so much, blah blah… (Thanks, Kev.)

Picture 11278

The cats may be appreciating the flowers more than I do. Kaia, for one, enjoys nibbling on them and sticking her face in them. And both Chawser and Kaia have taken to laying under the them. From what I can tell, they pretend they are big jungle cats and the flowers are a big jungle trees. It’s precious. I think I’m going to try to keep fresh flowers in the middle of the table so the cats feel like they’re living in their natural habitat. (A kitchen.)

Picture 11282

Speaking of Kaia, she’s gotten a lot of attention on the blog in the last 24 hours, but I haven’t otherwise mentioned her recently. She’s doing really well! She’s much happier than she was when she first came home, she and Chawser are getting along swimmingly, and she lets us pet her and pick her up more than ever before. It’s fun to have a tempermental little lady around the house. Another one, I mean. She still prefers her dad over me, but what else is new? If Kevin and I ever have children, they will probably like me less too. It’s understandable, Moms are bossy and they don’t let you eat all the shredded tuna and chicken liver that you want…

Picture 11285

…but their clothes smell nice.

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