happy birthday, moth!

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Today is my beautiful mama’s birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!

I’m sad that I can’t be with her today. She’s still in her forties! Can you believe it?! And she looks as beautiful as ever. She’s a strong, smart, funny lady and if you know her, you’re lucky.

And if you do happen to know her, and you do happen to see her today, give her a hug for me. And maybe sing Happy Birthday to her.

She used to wake me up on my birthday morning, all gently and softly, and tickle me and sing happy birthday and squeal with delight to make sure I knew that it was my special day. I know, I know, birthdays get boring as you get older. But deep down, we all wake up on our birthday morning with that little squeal of delight in our tummies. And if we don’t, WE SHOULD!

What a lovely thing to get an entire day each year that’s meant to celebrate your whole life. Pretty awesome, I think.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope it’s a great one. Enjoy it. I love you very much.


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