daily dessert

I’ve begun to scale back a bit on the daily dessert feature lately by only blogging about the noteworthy desserts. Cuz who really needs to see the two squares of chocolate I ate for dessert last Tuesday, ya know?

I’ve gratefully enjoyed two noteworthy desserts in the last few days, both thanks to birthdays. Anyone else notice there are a ton of birthdays in October? Lovely month to have a birthday, I’d say. Mine’s in early November, so I can relate.

Kevin’s dad, Marty, turned another year older on Tuesday (as did my mom!!), and Kev and I went to visit the family over the weekend to celebrate. We ate a big, delicious BBQ dinner, and finished it off with peach plum pie, leftover chocolate cake, fresh fruit and a few shortbread cookies (Fanny & Jane leftovers).

Picture 001

I didn’t have any of the pie, but everyone (except 3-year-old Craig) seemed to really enjoy it. Nor did I have any of the cookies, having eaten more than my fair share of the shortbread thumbprints – and their batter – when I baked them.

I did, however, enjoy the hell out of some chocolate cake.

Picture 004

Too close?

This was delicious cake – very moist and flavorful with plenty of icing on top and throughout. It was from a popular bakery in Nanuet, NY called Carousel Cakes and it was very good.

My plate:

Picture 006

Oh and, uh, I had several additional bites of the cake.

Then! As if this birthday madness weren’t enough, two women in my office both turned 40 this week. So we had – what else – more cake.

It wasn’t a problem for me. I love cake.

And believe it or not, I saved up my calories on each of the cake days so that I could indulge guilt-free. I refuse to skip cake. And I refuse to gain weight from cake. It’s a simple policy, really.

Picture 007

The cake we had at the office was from Crumbs. And frankly, I was completely underwhelmed by it. It wasn’t bad, by any means, and it was, after all, still birthday cake. But it wasn’t amazing either. For such a popular bakery like Crumbs, I was expecting more from this cake, but it was pretty sub par. Maybe I’m a sweets snob. I had this problem the last time I sampled some Crumbs Cake – I didn’t care that much for it and I was disappointed over the whole mess.

You’ll say, It’s just cake, Jen!

It’s never just cake.

I had a thin but filling piece of this less-than cake. Somehow, I managed to choke it down. (Read: I gobbled it right up.)

Picture 009

Picture 008

Happy birthday to all the October babies! And thank you for sharing your birthday cake with me.


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