sunday in pictures

Picture 058

Picture 036

Picture 062

Picture 065

Picture 067

Picture 063

Picture 060

Picture 052

Picture 048

Picture 047

Picture 057

Picture 041

Picture 071


3 thoughts on “sunday in pictures

  1. Loved your blog…the dessert pictures are absolutely mouth watering. Have added you to my blogroll so that I can keep abreast of your lovely writings. Regards, Arpita

  2. Thanks, Lori! And thank you Arpita.

    Lori, I just checked out your blog and I see you’re on a journey to lose 115 pounds! And that you’re almost there! That’s so great. That’s the exact amount of weight I lost myself. And it took me about three years too. Congrats to you. It’s a HUGE achievement.

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