socks to stay home in


It’s only a few hours into my first weekday without a desk job. And I am not surprised, and I’m sure you won’t be either, to discover that I’m loving it.

Obviously, at points, it only feels like a day off from the desk job so far. I have money in the bank and nothing much to worry about today. Or this week. I’m on a self imposed vacation right now – five days of not working too much on my projects. I’ve planned to take this first week off just to get acclimated.

I want to adjust to being home more often, to having more free time. I hope to spend this week developing some kind of loose routine for myself based on listening to my body and my moods. I also plan on getting laundry done, tidying up the apartment, getting into a workout schedule that suits me – that kind of thing.

So far, it’s wonderful. It’s a stunningly beautiful day today, after a string of cold and rainy ones, and it will be nice and on the warm side all week! What a gift! I adore warmer weather and there is nothing I like more than taking a long walk or a jog on a sunny day.

Next week, of course, when I start actually putting a devoted effort toward carving out a career for myself, a self-made career, who knows how I will feel. Right now it just feels like I’m playing hooky. And it’s great. But a huge part of why I decided to leave a job where I was employed by someone else, doing something that didn’t fulfill me, was because I have spent most of the last decade working my butt off non-stop. As I’ve said before, I have schlepped from day job to rehearsal to business meeting to performance to social obligation to home at 12:30am, just to get up and do it again. And that’s the life most of my friends who have day jobs lead too. I am part of a community of creative people, and we all work so hard to find balance in having a full, vibrant, creative life that fulfills us – and paying our bills.

And there have been many days in the last couple years when I, exhausted beyond all reason, carrying six bags through a thunderstorm on my way to the subway for what felt like the eighth time that day, thought, there has to be a better way to be myself in this world.

The point is, once I start beginning to “work” next week, putting focused time and energy into my own projects, efforts and career goals during business hours (or even during non-business hours if I feel like it), I still plan to set aside plenty of time for exercise, sleep, keeping my house in a livable fashion, cooking, baking and hanging out with my friends. I want this – to have a career that fulfills me – and I will get it, not in spite of my life’s balance, but because of it. Be the world you want to live in. Be the job you want to have.

I’m about to go for an awesome walk through beautiful Prospect Park, which is about 100 yards from our front door. And then I’m going to meet a friend in the city, meet his 4 year old son for the first time, maybe finish my meal plan for the week, do some light shopping, take a hot yoga class, and maybe meet another friend.

Oh and Kevin bought me new socks, which I saw at a department store the other day and fell in love with. He got a pair for his sister for her birthday too. And they’re possibly the most comfortable slipper socks I’ve ever owned. (And no, I wasn’t paid to say that. I just love ’em.) Mom! I’m going to try to get you a pair!





6 thoughts on “socks to stay home in

  1. You are just so inspiring I can’t take it. So many people, at the point, would be go-go-going & stress-stress-stressing. I love that you’re recharging your batteries & figuring out your routine & just basking in it.

    I so look forward to basking. Remind me to bask this spring, will ya?

    • I will be happy to remind you. Basking in it RULES, by the way. My first day was just a dream come true. 😉 Thanks for all your sweet support, Michelle. I owe you an email! Soon. 🙂

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