daily dessert


The pumpkin cookies we brought to Kevin’s parents’ house for his sister’s birthday party yesterday were not the only stars of the dessert show. In fact, they paled in comparison to what ended up being one of the BEST RED VELVET CAKES I’VE EVER HAD.

I really just wanted to emphasize that.

It was divine.



When we went to visit Kevin’s parents two weeks ago for his Dad’s birthday (I swear! So many October birthdays!) we had a chocolate cake from Carousel Cake. Last night, we got to enjoy another Carousel confection. Except this time it was red velvet and it turns out that their red velvet cake is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things.


Granted, she has a lot of favorite things, but to be fair, I’ve never eaten one of her favorite food things that I didn’t also love. (There is a brownie from Baked that is one of her favorites and – yup – it’s good.) She was right to claim this cake for herself. It is amazing. Light, moist, rich, flavorful, tangy, decadent, to die for. I seriously loved it. Can you tell?





3 thoughts on “daily dessert

  1. I’ve never had red velvet cake either (and don’t think I will unless someone comes up with a Gluten free version) but that cake looks sooo good. Yum!

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