daily dessert


On my way to the grocery store yesterday, I saw this sign. As you may have gathered by the insane amount of pumpkin cookies I’ve made so far this season (I’m making pumpkin brownies today!), I’m really into pumpkin right now. Being that I’m a human adult, I’ve been craving a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks lately, but I haven’t gotten one yet. Mostly because I always end up spending my dessert calories on something else.

So when I saw this sign yesterday, I was thrilled. I love Red Mango, as I’ve discussed before, and I love pumpkin. Perfect.

Then I waffled back and forth about it – do I go buy one? I just had something else sweet before I got on the subway to come here. Do I really need it? Am I that hungry? OH JUST GO, I thought. I really didn’t want to spend the money, but I was obviously stressing myself over it. So I went.


And lo and behold, just as I was walking in, one of the Red Mango employees was walking out WITH a tray of samples! He literally met me at the door and said, “Would you like to try the new pumpkin spice flavor?”

Um, YES!


I was so pleased that I didn’t have to spend upwards of $5 on a small cup of fancy frozen yogurt (it’s the little things when you’re unemployed). And the pumpkin spice, although tasty and interesting, wasn’t amazing. I obviously would have eaten the whole serving if I’d gotten it, but I’m glad I got to taste it first because now I know not to go buy a big container. It just wasn’t good enough.

My real dessert treat yesterday, though, was something gifted to me by my dear friend Marina. She gave me the last piece of a date and brown butter tart she’d made earlier this month as a congratulations present for quitting my job! It was a very sweet gesture.


I ate the bottom portion of this piece yesterday after lunch, and saved the top piece for another time. You guys, this was delicious. So so good. And you can find the recipe here.

This was honestly one of the best sweet treats I’ve had in ages. And the most interesting thing about it is that it’s not even that sweet.Β  Marina described it to me as being similar to olive oil cake, which led me to believe that it was more flavorful than it was sugary, and she was right. The dates add the perfect amount of sweetness and the tart itself, well it’s just incredibly good. I sat on my couch eating it so slowly and deliberately, mm-ing and ahh-ing the whole way.

Thanks, Marina!



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