still learning to cook

I spent much of my vacation week cooking, as you can imagine. In fact, I’ve made so much food that I have to stop cooking for a few days so we can catch up on the leftovers!

I made an easy stir fry – something I’d done before, but always with prepackaged stir fry veggies, not with veggies I selected and prepared all by my lonesome. This time, I just picked out a bunch of veggies I thought I’d want in the stir fry, sauteed them up with a little bit of garlic and olive oil, browned some small pieces of chicken in another pan, mixed it all together with about a tablespoon of stir fry sauce I had in the fridge, and served it all over instant brown rice.

The best things about this dish, besides the fact that it satisfied my Chinese take-out craving, were that we had two days of leftovers (it didn’t look like much food when I first cooked it, but those veggies filled me up fast!), I was able to use up a bunch of peppers and onions that were begging to eaten, and it got me to eat cauliflower and broccoli, two kinds of veggies I tend not to like.

On the menu this week in Jen Learns To Cook Simple Meals Most People Figured Out How To Make Well Before Their Late Twenties:

Smoky Chipotle and Black Bean Chilaquiles, a recipe from Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book. I think they’re basically glorified vegetarian quesadillas. Yes! Latin American food! My very favorite to the extent that I was probably born in Mexico and my mom neglected to tell me.


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