I think I’ve gotten myself a bit more on top of things today. I’m not feeling quite so rushed and nuts, which is fantastic.

I did end up a dropping a ball, though. I couldn’t help Maggie and Adam move this morning. I had to put some finishing touches on the cake I made last night, and it took a lot longer than I expected it too. And then I had to deliver the darn thing. Thankfully, I think Adam and Maggie had plenty of help today, at least that’s what Adam told me when I apologized for not being able to make it. I really did feel awful about it, but sometimes you just have to let some balls drop. It happens. I’m going to bring them a homemade sweet treat and hope that all will be forgiven.

Some of you’ve probably seen the above photo before, especially if you’ve been to our Fanny & Jane website. I took some photos of the cake I baked yesterday, but haven’t had time to upload them yet, so this shot of our Chewy Chocolate Graham Bars will have to suffice.

I’ve been baking like crazy – got a few more orders done today, in fact. But I was also able to squeeze in a run. And I’m going to do some yoga as soon as I publish this post. I refuse to be overwhelmed by my own unemployment. I didn’t do this so I could stress myself out with my To Do List. I’m just not willing to operate that way. So I’m doing my best to make it all work, while staying mentally calm.

In order to do this yoga session in my living room, I’ll probably end up being a little late to Faryn’s girl’s night birthday drinks. (Her birthday is on Saturday – Halloween! – and we’re having eleven parties in her honor between now and then.) (I’m kidding.) (Am I?) I’m looking forward to seeing some of the ladies in my life tonight, and to celebrating sweet Faryn. And I plan to be all yoga-glowing by the time I get there. I wish the trade-off for my yoga session wasn’t that I will be late, but again, sometimes you have to let some balls drop. This is just how my busy day has worked out, so be it.

I’m so excited to finish our new Fanny & Jane online shop. I hope to have things up and running in just a few days! Just in time for the holidays. I’m already getting orders for people’s seasonal parties and events. It’s awesome.

Check back tomorrow, when I hope to put up a post about my first official week as a self-employed almost-29-year-old. (My own birthday is November 7th. No idea what I’m doing yet.)

Until then, here are more sweets to stare at, our signature Red Velvet Cake Bites. These are definitely our biggest seller.

Jen 014


9 thoughts on “baketown

  1. I was wondering what you’d come up on your day of baking! Looks sooo good.

    It nice to be here visiting your blog now, before you become rich and famous. I can say I kinda-sorta knew you “back then.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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