charlie’s cake + the halloween recap

Jen 1344

Last week, I got an email from my friend Dave that said, Can you make a cake for my friend’s birthday in less than two days?

Now, granted, it only takes a chunk of a day to make a cake, but I had to find somewhere to fit that chunk if I wanted to get it done. And my schedule was already pretty tight with a dozen of other obligations.

But in the spirit of not being at a desk job, and my time being my own, and having complete say over what I do and don’t do – I decided to take on the challenge.

So I got to work, and ended up making one of the best cakes, in my opinion anyway, that Fanny & Jane has ever created. It’s a double chocolate coffee cake. And I want some of it now.

(By the way, our online store is slotted to open tomorrow, Monday!)

Jen 1343

I’m really glad I decided to take Dave’s order to make a birthday cake for his friend Charlie. It sounds like Charlie, who is a guy in his seventies!, liked the cake and was really happy to have had a birthday party thrown for him by his buddies.

And for me personally, even though it was a time management challenge, I ended up learning some valuable lessons about this new life I’m living. Plus, it was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I’d SO MUCH RATHER BE DOING THIS THAN WORKING AT THAT DESK JOB.

I’m sorry for yelling. But I had to emphasize it.

Jen 1341

I had a super fun Halloween, probably one of the best in years. But I don’t have any photos to share! I left my camera battery in our apartment last night accidentally! Gah! Or at least that’s what I thought I’d done. But as it turns out, it was stashed in my backpack, which I had with me all night, the entire time and I just didn’t realize it. Either way, no photos. Boo.

I went as the Wicked Witch of the West – complete with green face paint, a green nose, black lips, fingernails and eyebrows, striped leggings, green shoes and an awesome hat and broom. And Kev was a cowboy! He owns a nice Stetson hat, so he wore that, with cowboy boots, a cowboy shirt, tight black jeans and a big silver belt buckle. He looked smokin’.

I performed in the last Oddbody’s Camp Baldwin show of the year (awww!) at 7pm and it was fantastic – great show, great crowd, so much fun. It has to be one of my very favorite theatrical experiences ever, performing horror improv with the Baldwins in that show.

I wore our regular “camper” costume for that show, but then I immediately dashed off to the Harvard Sailing Team pre-show rehearsal and changed into my witch outfit. We all dressed up as whatever we wanted and it was the first time we’d ever done a show that way! It was such a blast. My favorite of the costumes, were Clayton’s bag of jellybeans and Katie’s Carmen Sandiego. Both very original and adorable. But everyone looked fantastic. It was certainly hard to perform an almost hour-long show in a full witch outfit, but I did it.

And then we partied. It was Faryn’s birthday so we went back to her apartment in Prospect Heights Brooklyn for a big fiesta. Jello shots, fancy cocktails and pumpkin cookies with frosting were served. YUM. I was exhausted by the time we rolled into our apartment at whatever a.m. and so relieved to have the time change on our side.

It was an awesome evening. And now I’m gearing up for the week ahead. I think I’ll stay up late working tonight – lots to do, all fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “charlie’s cake + the halloween recap

    • You know, the stuff I used was pretty easy to get off with soap and water, but it was itchy and miserable to wear around all night. I think maybe I had too much of it on! But I really wanted the full green face effect. 😉

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