the holiday season

Thanksgiving weekend was a blast! I had a great time visiting my good friend Adam’s family in Voorheesville, NY. We ate, drank, played indoor and outdoor games, and relaxed a ton. It was just what the doctor ordered. And now that we’re home, I’ve begun decorating the house for Christmas!!

I’ve really only gotten the “mantle” (or top of a long, short bookcase) done so far. Hopefully we’ll be getting a tree sometime this week, and I also plan to string up a few more lights here and there.

I had a great time throwing a bunch of our holiday decorations up on the mantle in what appears to be a chaotic fashion (but it wasn’t, I promise!).

That batch of greens I bought a few weeks back were just minding their business in our living room. So I commissioned them to don some fancy flare and anchor the Christmas Mantle.

I adore some of the old ornaments I have – they were handed down to me by my mother and grandmother. I saved some good ones to put on our real tree too, but some of the most adorable three dimensional ones, especially ones that could stand up unassisted, earned a spot on the Christmas Mantle. This little Santa on a tricycle might be my favorite ornament of my entire collection. Look at him! And the tricycle’s wheels actually move!

This is another favorite ornament. I’ve hung it on the little greens tree this year because whenever it goes on the big tree, it always gets lost among all the other decorations. It’s a tiny copy of The Night Before Christmas, which I knew by heart at age two and would recite often.

Best of all, the entire story is printed inside.

I had fun putting these decorations up last night and I’m looking forward to filling our apartment with delicious smelling sweet treats today, as I begin to do some December baking for Fanny & Jane.

I love this time of year. As stressful, overwhelming and constant as it can sometimes seem, it’s also festive, nostalgic and comforting. The countdown to December 25 has begun. I keep almost buying Advent Calendars and then deciding against it. I’m never a fan of the cheap chocolate they use.

Our Fanny & Jane holiday shop is open for two more weeks. We will accept our last order on Monday, December 14. I expect to be very busy between now and then. And I’ve decided that the best way for me, personally, to tackle these next two and a half weeks (I leave town for Crystal Lake, IL on December 19) is to make sure I get in some exercise every day, and that I keep myself and my sanity as a top priority.

I’ll leave you with this slightly terrifying creature, a large Santa from my grandmother’s collection of Christmas decor. He’s almost nightmarish.

But he’s nothing compared to another figurine I have, one that I refuse to photograph. It’s a fat little Santa smoking a pipe and holding a clown doll. And he looks way too jolly for anyone’s good. If we get through the season without that thing coming to life and eating us in the night, I will be pleasantly surprised.


9 thoughts on “the holiday season

  1. I so want to stop what I am doing right now and run down into my basement and start bringing up all the boxes of Christmas decorations that I have after reading your post! But I am making myself go workout first. Then I can decorate!

    happiness awaits

  2. clowns and santa combos are always creepy. I have a christmas clown ornament that gets “thrown away” every year, and somehow comes back the next! πŸ™‚

    • Hmmm. You gave me many of them. Especially that little green cat one! Hey speaking of – we just received your St. Nick’s Day package!! THANK YOU. πŸ™‚ I love the new ornaments.

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