summertime and movie rentals

The first week back to a normal workaday schedule was a relatively productive week in my life, considering it’s January. I was able to cross a few major items off the list and to use my time wisely. I took a handful of yoga classes, all of them really lovely. And I worked toward eating in a less holiday way and a more fruits and vegetables style.

I’m reminded how important it is for me personally to really take it easy during these frigid winter months. I’m literally already ready for summer. The chill in the air is fine with me when we’re doing festive holiday stuff, but the moment it turns bitterly cold, or the moment it turns January 1, whichever comes first, I’m done.

Also, and I’ve said this before, I’m cold all the time. In the apartment on the couch with a space heater, two blankets and two long sleeved shirts on, I’m cold. I feel cold in my bones, like I can’t get warm unless I heat my blood up by immersing my body in hot water.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But when Kevin and I were at the store the other day and he suggested to me that he buy me a heated blanket, I almost started crying because imagining how good a heated blanket would feel was almost too much to bear. (We might get one. The one he pointed out was way too expensive.)

So, the point is, take it easy in January if you hate January like I hate January. Okay, it’s not that I hate it. It’s just that it’s so damn cold. And I’m already ready for summer.

This upcoming week shall be another productive but relaxing one. I plan to take another three or four yoga classes (maybe a hot yoga! makes me warm!), I plan to eat more healthy foods, I plan to bundle up when I’m outside and to snuggle onto my couch when I’m home. Maybe I can talk Kevin into a few movie rentals this week.

Where the hell does one rent movies anymore? I think all the Blockbusters around here are out of business. And Netflix takes a couple days to arrive.

What happened to the world of the instant movie rental?

Have a nice Monday!


3 thoughts on “summertime and movie rentals

  1. I have the same cold problem as you — andI live in an old house that is drafty, so I’m also fairly miserable a lot of the time. I bought a heated throw this year and it is my best friend. I hate wal mart, but I happened to get it there for $19. I highly recommend — it is nice because it is “throw” sized vs. bed-sized, so perfect for snuggling up on the sofa.

    As for movies… do you guys have RedBox in NYC? We have them here, at some McD’s and outside walgreens and various other places… you pay by the day for a movie rental, it’s nice.

  2. Hey lady! You can watch movies on Netflix website if you have a Netflix account….

    Jessica: I love me some Wal Mart but we don’t have one here in NYC! BUT we do have Target in the boro’s – maybe that is close enough?? 🙂


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