fanny & jane updates!

You guys! We’re doing some tweaks to our logo. This is the OLD logo (which I do love very much), and the new one won’t be too terribly different, it’ll just be updated. I’m psyched. I’ll debut it as soon as we get it from our talented and fabulous designer, Julien, who is also a good friend of Faryn’s from growin’ up.

There’s a lot going on with Fanny & Jane and it’s fun and scary and great! We’ve started selling sweets at The Peoples Improv Theater and Simple Studios concession stands, our Red Velvet Cake bites will be seen at two weddings in the coming months (Phil Wells! He’s gettin’ married!), and we’re working on a special Valentine’s Day package, which we’re going to unveil on February 1.

Oh yes – AND – we’re debuting a new menu item this week! I, for one, am most thrilled about that part.

2 thoughts on “fanny & jane updates!

  1. I love your logo, so I’m glad that you’re not changing it too much. I’m excited to see the new items- it’s about time to place another order… maybe I can make my next treats last for longer than 3 days! 🙂

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