a quick one

Y’all. I hurt my shoulder. Doing what? Probably doing yoga. Or maybe it’s an old injury from years ago at the gym. Or maybe my winter coat is too tight. Either way, it’s all messed up. So I’m nursing it back to health. I’m still holding up my commitment to do yoga every day, but I’ve been doing less – I’ve been taking restorative classes, doing some stuff in my living room, taking it easy in class and always telling my teacher that I’m injured.

What else? Fanny & Jane Valentine’s Day Special is up! Wheee!

We put together Sweet Love Chocolate Boxes, filled with our most popular sweets (and personal favorites).

We’re doing $1.00 Flat Rate Shipping if you place an order by THIS WEDNESDAY, Feb 3 at midnight. So take advantage of that if your little heart desires. Maybe send a little Valentine gift to your Mother, or daughter, or hey, your brother. Thanks so much for all the orders we’ve gotten so far!

Look at this adorable card that Teresa of BelWell designed for us to give away for FREE with our orders! I love it.

Beyond that, we’re donating 10% the proceeds from every Chocolate Box order to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief. That makes me happy.

You can place an order here. 🙂


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