a weddin’ weekend

You know how sometimes you go to a really fun wedding? Just one of those great times where the perfect combination of friends, love, family, little kids dancing, a big buffet of food and an open bar comes together and you all have one a fantastic day that you’ll always remember?

On Saturday, my dear friend Phil Wells got married! This is a photo of my (and your) friend Greg and me. Keith Huang took this shot with his iPhone, an art which he seems to be perfecting. Thanks for all these great shots, Keith!

You might remember Phil from this very early entry on follow my bliss, or perhaps you’ve ventured over to Phil’s blog before. Phil is one of my oldest friends from the improv world – he was in my very first-ever improv class and I remember looking at him and thinking “This might be the only normal guy in here.” Turns out there were a lot of “normal” people in that class, lots of lovely people, and I also finally learned to stop judging people so much, but that’s a blog entry for another time. But Phil remains one of the best guys I know.

And on Saturday, he and his new wife Alli, and his family and her family threw a fantastic party. It was just one of those weddings that was a FUN, easy, simple, creative, delightful time. The focus was on eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and congratulating the happy couple. And oohboy did they look happy. It was just an absolute joy to see. If my (eventual) wedding can be half as fun as Phil and Alli’s, I will be thrilled.

It was a day wedding, which I was skeptical about when I was trudging through the snow at 8am in my fancy boots heading to New Jersey Transit. But the ceremony was short and sweet and when we had our first drinks in our hand around 2pm during the (delightful!) cocktail hour, which was complete with so many varieties of yummy passed appetizers that you couldn’t believe your eyes, I decided the day wedding wasn’t so bad afterall. (I guess you can see where my priorities lie.) We partied into the evening and ended up back at Phil and Alli’s hotel around 7:30pm, which might as well have been 3am as far as we were all concerned. And the party continued.

Kevin and I arrived home at 12midnight on the nose. We’d sprinted through the snow to the bus outside the hotel, the one that would take us right back to the city, successfully boarded that bus, nobody lost any wallets or cell phones, and everyone’s feet hurt. Good party.

Congrats to Phil and Alli who deserve all the happiness in the world. And my admiration goes out to Alli who seems to have softened the heart of my friend Phil, a guy who likes to tell people he’s “dead inside.” (He is SO not.)

Also? I have great friends and I had a great time with my great friends!! It was just SO MUCH FUN. I’ve made that clear, right?

It was a tiring but refreshing time and Kevin and I spent yesterday recovering and doing some Fanny & Jane work, but not as much as maybe we should have. Today, I have much, much more work to do. So I’m going to get my podcasts up and running (I like to listen to old Car Talk episodes while I bake) and get to work.

Today is Day 23 of the Yoga Challenge and I cannot wait to go to class tonight. One week, seven days, left. And even though it will be nice to feel the accomplishment of hitting the 30 Day mark, I will be a little bummed when it’s over. I might have to do some other kind of 30 day challenge just to carry me into the month of March, because, frankly, Spring cannot arrive soon enough for me.


2 thoughts on “a weddin’ weekend

  1. Glad you had a good time! It was so awesome to see people from all my different social worlds all getting along and having a blast.

    Also, the cake bites were perfect. Everyone fell in love with them.

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