Remember when I was “learning to cook?” Yah. I’m not anymore.

I’m sure I’ll cook more someday, but today is not that day. We’ve been eating, you know, easy food in our kitchen (like PBJs, egg and ham scrambles, beans and rice – the basics), or food at cheapeats places around the city like we always have, Kevin and I.

So I left some onions in a bowl next to our toaster oven. And one or two of them STARTING GROWING OTHER ONIONS. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

It was gross.

Seriously, I had to take photos because I was so disgusted by it.

In other food news, Kevin took me out to Rosa Mexicana on Monday night. Never been there, love Mexican food, always wanted to go there, like to drink margaritas: Score.

We had fun and it was yummy. (Thank you for that nice date, honey!)


5 thoughts on “food

  1. That photo of you smiling — ridunkulously — at the table in the restaurant is priceless. And Kevin’s is a nice, subtle counterpoint to it if you scroll back up.

    • Thanks, Joni. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment! I means I don’t spend 9 hours a day bored while sitting in front of a computer anymore, trying to be interesting for the internet.

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