around the house

Thought you might like to see some images from around the house. I felt like taking pictures one afternoon last week, but I hadn’t left the apartment, nor did I plan to leave the apartment, so I figured shooting domestic images would have to suffice.

These are the roses Kevin bought me for Valentine’s Day, which are looking delightful for longer than expected. After the first several days, I trimmed them down from their original length. Then, just last night, I threw away the dead ones and separated the still nice ones into smaller vases to put in various places in the apt. I love having a splash of flower-color in surprise places. Also, hanging out with these roses for the last week reminds me why I must continue to buy flowers. They cheer me up always always.

Will you please look at this ridiculous cat foot? This guy is part rabbit, part tiger, and part human with an excessive-napping problem.

While he slept, I was watching this…

…and eating these.

I am digging these Winter Olympics more than I expected to. I could watch any of it, at any hour of the day. And I do. Skiing, figure skating and snowboarding are my favorites. I care not for the luge.

These are freshly laundered kitchen towels that were waiting on the table for me to put away into the cabinet. We have so many brightly colored kitchen towels. I’m a real stickler about which kinds I like to use – these are some of my favorites, not just for their brightness but for their functionality.

Speaking of freshly laundered, these guys had a trip to the washing machine too, courtesy of Kevin and his big ideas. We’ve been doing some essential cleaning and tidying around here lately and it has breathed new life into my desire to wake up in the mornings.

Last, but not least, another cat shot. Sometimes, if I’m lounging around watching TV, I go on a Cat Hunt during the commercials. “Where are they and can I smooch them?” is my motivation.

I found this one snuggled into the covers in our bed. She is so easy to cuddle it’s ridiculous. She’s like melted cat pudding.

That’s it – a little tour of the things I saw around the house one lazy afternoon last week.

Tomorrow I plan to write about the end of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge (!).


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