the kennedy center ?!?!

My sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team, is performing at the Kennedy Center this weekend! WHAT?! Yes, that’s right – THE Kennedy Center. In Washington D.C.! Can’t believe it. Psyched. We’re doing an hour of our best stuff.

We were featured in the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide yesterday where they said:

Harvard Sailing Team has a clean-cut catalogue and a high-energy approach with musical numbers, plenty of pop-cultural mile markers and a healthy dose of hilarious situational awkwardness.

All true!

I’m really looking forward to the trip. I haven’t left town since we went away for the holidays and a weekend outside the city is always welcome. My mom, grandma and step dad (!) are all coming to DC to see the show! WOOT! Plus, HST hasn’t traveled as a team in quite some time. We’re definitely due for a zany road trip.

Oh and can I tell you the very best, most exciting part? The main act on the Kennedy Center Stage that night is JERRY SEINFELD. Not bad, eh?

I have a feeling it’s going to be a very silly, lively and fun coupla days.

This will be my last HST show for three months. As I mentioned several posts ago, I’m taking a few months off to readjust to being a small business owner who eats, breaths and sleeps cookie recipes. I think this break is going to be incredibly important for my sense of well being. I will miss these guys and our weekly rehearsals and shows for sure. And then I’ll be back to the regular comedy grind before I know it!

In the meantime, wish us luck in DC! Obama lives there!

postcard design by Matt Hubert


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