daily dessert – van leeuwen ice cream

A daily dessert?! WHAT?!?! It’s been ages.

I was just telling Kevin the other day how ridiculous it is that I’ve barely posted a daily dessert since I quit my job six months ago, despite the fact that I have more free time than I did when I was working at that desk. It certainly speaks to the big adjustment this new lifestyle has been – trying to figure out how to negotiate it all, to keep doing the things I love, to pull back on the things that don’t need my focus right now – it’s a juggle for sure.

So, it’s time to start featuring some of my favorite dessert experiences again. And what better place to start than with the brand new store front location of NYC’s beloved artisan ice cream truck, Van Leeuwen. If you live in New York, you’ve seen the pale yellow truck frequenting the streets of the city, offering fresh, straight forward, delicious ice cream in a fantastic variety of flavors. They’ve got the standards like chocolate and vanilla, but they also have more exotic flavors like red currant, earl grey, and ginger. Despite walking by their truck dozens of times, I’d never stopped to partake.

Then, while in Greenpoint a few days ago, on a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day no less, I walked by their new store front location and I decided I had no choice but to stop in.

I forgot how awkward it can be to start snapping photos after you place an order with someone behind a counter. I never know if they mind or not, but I always feel super weird about it, so I try to take my shots as quickly and slyly as possible. I don’t think he noticed…eh who am I kidding, he probably noticed.

He recommended the earl grey flavor, but I’ve always been a big fan of strawberry ice cream, especially if it’s made with only a handful of high-quality ingredients.

I almost ordered a coffee too, but I couldn’t afford it.

I love the ambiance of this little shop. Even though it’s a small space, it feels very airy thanks to soft lighting and a big picture window in the front that opens up onto the street. And I really like the colors and textures they’ve chosen – they’re relaxing.

The strawberry ice cream was very good. I wish there had been more strawberry chunks, but that’s just a personal preference. It was otherwise delightfully tangy and sweet, and tasted very clean and simple. And I always like knowing I’m eating ingredients that are farmed or grown locally.

I have a feeling Van Leeuwen’s new store front is gonna be jumpin’ once the spring and summer weather is here to stay. I’m so glad I stopped in – I just adore new sweet treat shops because I know how much love and care has gone into them. I’m sure that’s true for any new business, but – for obvious reasons – shops that offer sweet stuff have a special place in my heart.

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