i got into a fight at the grocery store

Because I am my grandfather’s granddaughter, I got in a fight with a guy at the grocery store this morning. He looked “normal,” whatever that means. (And I realize it means nothing at all.) But he was saying some really inappropriate stuff about the cashier and the people who own the store. He actually called the checkout woman “trash.” And I couldn’t believe it.

I rarely, if ever, respond to the weirdos, the asses, the jerks. It’s just not worth it. When I first moved here and was young and stupid, and much feistier, I would talk back whenever I felt like I should. But that never works out and you always feel worse afterward.

This morning, however, I lost myself. I just could not believe this man, in his expensive jacket, his cart full of groceries by his side. I could not believe he walks around in a world where calling someone “trash” and saying that she should go back to her “homeland” is a reasonable thing to do. And I guess that’s the thing. The guy was obviously not reasonable.

But I couldn’t help myself. Oof. The adrenaline surged through my body and after a few dirty looks, I finally said, “Shut up, dude.” Naturally, he didn’t like that. So he turned to whomever was within earshot and muttered “You shut up. Bit@h told me to shut up.”

And then I stepped out of my body and the following flew out of my mouth, loudly, in front of a lot of people in line at the store. “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. BIT@H TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP. SO SHUT THE F*!K UP.”

Whoa. I was shaking. I do not advocate this behavior. And I will not be telling Kevin this incident occurred (he can find it out here on the blog…) because he doesn’t like when I do stuff like that. Something about not wanting me to be killed or whatever drama. 😉

So I’m posting photos of today’s beautiful spring morning. To wash away the vitriol.

I’m still adjusting to this new schedule I’ve created for myself – part-time bakery work, part-time writing for Gather.com and Examiner.com. There are moments when I want to cry from joy, because if I can make these two gigs work out for myself financially, I will have achieved the loose goal I had when I quit my job: make money doing stuff I love, hopefully baking and writing.

Three cheers! That feels good.

We are in store for a beautiful week of lovely temps, if the weather reports can be believed. I am so looking forward to it. I need outdoor exercise in a major way.

Have a great weekend, everyone. If you’re celebrating Easter, Happy Easter!

8 thoughts on “i got into a fight at the grocery store

  1. I had to read your post because I was just writing up a similar type of story about a man behaving badly and how a woman confronted him. Haven’t finished it yet, maybe later today.

    Also, I used to read Gather when it was still portrayed as a ‘writing’ site. They went in another direction and I stopped reading them a few years back. But I noticed you have Madame Donna in your ‘Friends’ list. She has been a long time Gatherer and she used to post some wonderful recipes with photos.

    Best of luck with your writing. I enjoyed the flower photos.

  2. HA!! I love it! I love the beautiful calm picture of the flower, and I love that you told him to shut the fuck up! And I really love that you are writing and baking and getting paid for it. YESSS!

    PS—I need to update my blog. thank you for the lovely cupcake shoutout. 🙂

  3. You. Rock. When people stand up for each other in the face of hatred, ignorance, and sheer stupidity – it’s a beautiful thing. You affirmed that lady’s humanity – and let that excuse for a man know that what he did was NOT acceptable. May have been the first time he’s experienced any push back for his behaviour in some time – and it was high time he did. Awesome. I’m encouraged today – there are good people in the world doing good things. Thanks.

  4. To make you feel better / let you know that I think you’re awesome:

    Luke & I were at Starbucks mid-day, sitting next to an obviously crazy/possibly homeless woman who tried to engage us in talking to her. She asked me the time, I answered. She asked if she could ask me a question, I said OK. She asked if she was dressed appropriately for a job, & I said I didn’t know (depended on the job – am I right?), & then continued to ignore her follow-up questions as we were signing our damn co-op board packages & couldn’t exactly spend the afternoon entertaining her. She got real agitated & started yelling at Luke & I, asking Luke why he was with me & I was nasty & I wouldn’t answer her, blah blah blah. Finally, she called me a “damn Jew” (as in, “You’re a damn Jew, aren’t you?”). Yeah. Obviously, crazypants.

    But that crazypants comment was the straw that broke Luke’s back, & he turned to her red faced & yelled, “Why don’t you just shut up!” or something along those lines. That was obviously what she wanted – us to acknowledge her – and he made her happy. We ignored her from then on & she simmered down in the 5-10 min we were there after that, but man, I thought Luke was the coolest then.

    And so are you, lady. Never regret standing up for what you believe in, even to Crazypants McGee!

  5. You were right to stand up for someone who could not stand up for themselves. Yea- it’s hard in NYC to know if the answer to the question of “if I open my mouth will this man shoot me?” is a yes or no but sometimes the fear of that allows bullies to roam free in that city and that ain’t cool.

    And that is AWESOME AWESOME about the new writing gigs! When you are doing the right thing with your life the blessings rain down 🙂

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