girls will be boys

(Photo by Keith Huang)

You guys!

So, get this.

Harvard Sailing Team, my sketch group, made a few videos and then we put them on the Internet earlier this week. Well they blew up! They’ve been viewed by over a quarter of a million people! Our YouTube Channel has received thousands of new subscribers.

We’ve been featured by VH1, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, College Humor, Jezebel, The Atlantic – the list is endless! And we might be on TV this week. (More on that if it happens.) Pffft. Crazy.

Some people love the videos, but some people hate them! They’ve even been called controversial according to some bloggers and websites. They’ve claimed we’re creating more gender issues than we’re solving… (Here’s an article I wrote on Gather about the concerns these videos have raised for some people.)

Here are the two videos that have spread around the web like wildfire.


4 thoughts on “girls will be boys

  1. Those are soooo funny! I don’t know what people are talking about. That is hilarious. It’s great when you can make fun of yourself. Nice work!

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