when one flower grows…

I was thinking today about the phrase, “When it rains, it pours,” because this is one of the craziest week’s I’ve had in a quite some time. Beyond the planned busy schedule, which I knew about going into this week, the surprises, twists and turns keep coming too! When it rains it pours, as they say.

But our weather in New York the past few days has been spectacular bordering on surreal – it was 89 degrees today. Dare I say, it was too hot. And that’s coming from someone who probably wouldn’t notice being cooked alive until it was too late. How’s that for graphic imagery?

Anyway, raining and pouring has so little to do with the energy in NYC this week, and also so little to do with how joyful I feel about all the fun, busy energy happening in my life. So I thought instead I’d tell myself, “When one flower grows, a lot of flowers grow.” Rolls off the tongue a little less delicately, but it suits my mood just fine.

The point is, the proverbial flowers are growing this week. I wish I could tell you every detail of all of it right this instant, but I just can’t. Annoying, I know. The bottom line is that I’m busy, happy, making money and enjoying myself right now. And after a long, dark, grumpy winter, that is a welcome reality.

The next few days are going to be pretty insane – lots to get done. Lots to look forward to t00, including new stickers we’re picking up from our printer on Friday for Fanny & Jane sweet treat bags. New stickers is easily one of the best parts of the job. AND! I’m performing in the Harvard Sailing Team show this weekend – I’m taking a hiatus from my hiatus (?) to do one show this Saturday night (it’s an audition-type show for an important festival, so it’s best if we can have the whole team there). Then I’ll be back for good in June. Unless something else bubbles up…You never know!

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