blue apron – brooklyn, ny

Blue Apron is on the corner of Union and 7th Ave in Park Slope. It’s a little shop with a blue awning and cupcakes in the window.

Kev and I walked by it the other day and we were so surprised to find that it was open, because it feels like it never is, so we had to stop in.

It’s a specialty food shop that carries imported and local fine foods – sweets, meats, cheeses.

The best part of our visit were all the samples they had out! We tried some cheese on a little wafer guy and it was fantastic. I can’t believe I didn’t note what kind of cheese it was – typical.

I was excited to see some of my local Brooklyn favorites like nunu chocolates and Van Leeuwen ice cream.

And I really wanted to try sweets from the Little Flower Candy Co. but they were too expensive for my budget.($15 a bag!) Cute as heck, though.

All in all, a very lovely little shop where I’d be happy to spend a lot of money if I had extra lying around. The employees were really attentive and helpful, and it smelled good in there too.

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