nice hat, bird!

This is a peacock, as you can see. What you can’t see is that this is a New York City peacock. WHAT!

He lives on the grounds of St. John the Divine, a massive Cathedral in the middle of Manhattan (the largest cathedral in North America, in fact). This guy and his brothers and sisters just walk around the stunning cathedral grounds and the adjoining school campus like they own the place. It’s amazing.

I only had my Blackberry camera with me or I’d have snapped a million more photos of this cool dude.

If you ever have an opportunity to check this place out, I suggest you do. Here’s their website. I was only there for a few minutes yesterday to pick up little Otto (he will be going to kindergarten at the Cathedral School in the fall!) but I plan to go back and explore soon. It’s one of NYC’s amazing treasures.


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