something to keep in mind…

Last week I wrote a post called “feed yourself – a word about diets and cleanses” and I told you about my friend Fitzalan, who discovered, after getting her resting metabolic rate tested, that she hasn’t been eating nearly enough calories to keep her body healthy.

Well, she has a new post up this week where she shares how things are going since she’s been increasing her daily calorie intake. She’s trying to eat more (while still making healthy choices) under the guidance of a nutritionist and has been doing so for a week. Guess what? SHE LOST TWO POUNDS. BY EATING MORE. Amazing…

Of course it doesn’t always work this way. Often we have to eat less to lose weight, but not in Fitzalan’s case. And it makes me wonder how many women are stunting their body’s natural processes by eating too little. Because they’re afraid to eat too much, because they think eating less is always better?

Now, F’s goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight – she wants to maintain her weight while being healthy. But isn’t it interesting as hell that she was eating less than 1400 calories a day forever and now she’s eating around 1700 calories a day – and she lost weight? The body is a fascinating machine. And it likes food.

Something to keep in mind…

3 thoughts on “something to keep in mind…

  1. This whole situation continues to amaze me. And what I cannot stress enough is HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL. I thought I felt okay on 1400 calories a day. I thought 1400 calories a day was okay. Boy was I wrong. I now have energy to stay up past 8PM at night. Last night I ran around and did errands until 9:30. This never would have happened to old me.

    I am sure there are other women out there like me that have accidentally gotten themselves in this position because all of the pressure of low calorie and low fat diets. Who knew you could basically accidentally become anorexic. I’ll continue updating you on the progress. Unfortunately, overcoming this is a bit harder than I expected. My head keeps yelling at me to stop eating so much.

    happiness awaits

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with everyone, Fitzalan. I’m so happy for you that you’re feeling better. I can certainly imagine how hard it can be, mentally, to eat more, but I’m sure you will get there with time. The most habitual part of our food intake is volume, I read. So I’m sure that’s a tough aspect to change. But you’re doing great!! And I’m sure your nutritionist is on the case. 🙂 Keep us updated !

  2. I’ve always liked the comparison of your metabolism to a fire… you have to keep stoking the fire and adding logs in order to keep the fire burning. If you don’t do that, the fire will die out. Same with our bodies… certainly eating to excess isn’t a great idea and will result in weight gain, but if you don’t “stoke” with the proper calories, it will also just stagnate…

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