unofficially summer

Have a great holiday weekend, everybody! We’re staying in town and I intend to clean my house, have a picnic in the park with friends, see SATC 2 (…despite the fact that my best gay bailed on me because he’s “read bad reviews” – pfffftt), and relaaaax.

I’m going to do my best to practice not worrying about what’s to come, how much money I have, how imperfect things are. I’m going to do my best to focus on enjoying how lucky I am to be a young woman living in New York City with the world’s best boyfriend, two funny cats and plenty of Criminal Minds episodes on the DVR.

Happy Memorial Day.

2 thoughts on “unofficially summer

  1. Have a wonderful weekend because:
    1. SATC2 was silly fun, and the theater I went to only had 2 guys in it so your friend may not have been allowed in anyway
    2. Criminal Minds is fanfreakingtastic, and always on…2 lovely things
    3. Should be great weather around here, so no plans are good ones!

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