This is the very yummy black bean soup, guacamole and Corona Light I had the other night at Barrio in Park Slope. Yelp shows mixed reviews of this place, but I really enjoyed it. First of all, there’s a huge outdoor seating section in the warm months. And I live for outdoor seating. It’s my favorite way to dine.

Plus, they have unlimited tacos and sangria on Monday nights, and I think they do unlimited quesadillas on Wednesdays. Did you hear me? UNLIMITED!

Sitting outside, eating Mexican food – that’s what I want to be doing right before I die.


3 thoughts on “barrio

  1. Hi Jen!
    I love to read that you’re doing well and that you’re still figuring things out. I graduated from college on Sunday and already I’m freaking out about my life path. I read one of your past posts on writing for, so I decided to make an account and see if I had anything to say, and I just wrote up an article on ABC’s Happy Town in the past half hour! So I guess I had a little something to say :-). Just wanted to tell you that, as always, your blog is inspirational. Thank you! You should come visit CL again soon and we could get lunch with our moms. You’re awesome!

    • Katie!! I’m so happy to hear from you! Congrats on graduating! How exciting.

      I’m going to be in town near the end of July for my cousin’s wedding – maybe we can squeeze something in then!!

      I read your Gather post on Happy Town – I loved it. You have a great written voice. Keep that in mind as you pursue what comes next for you. 🙂

      Thanks so much for being such a loyal blog reader. And congrats again on graduating!


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