welcome new readers! + 21 things about me

If you’re new around here, welcome! I’ve been so lucky to have so many new readers over the last few months, so thanks for stopping by!

And thank you so much for your emails or comments letting me know that my story on “follow my bliss” is something that resonates with you. Love to hear from you guys.

In the interest of all the new (virtual) faces around these parts, I’m gonna do a crash course “about me” rundown so you’re all caught up!

21 Things About Me:

  1. I’m 29. I’ll be 30 in November. Yikes!
  2. My boyfriend Kevin and I live near Prospect Park in Brooklyn with our two cats, Chawser and Kaia. I talk about those damn cats a lot on this blog. You can bet Kevin and I talk about (and coo at) them even more in real life.
  3. I quit my boring desk job as a receptionist at a law firm last year to…well…follow my bliss, i.e. to pursue work that makes me happier.
  4. I graduated from NYU Tisch with an acting degree.
  5. I graduated two years late because I dropped out somewhere in the middle to..uh..see how much I could screw my life up before hitting rock bottom. It was a blast. That’s sarcasm.
  7. I really want a dog.
  8. I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago.
  9. I lost 115 pounds in my early twenties through diet and exercise. I’ve kept the weight off for almost 8 years.
  10. Kevin and I have been dating for 3.5 years and we’ve lived together for 2. But we’ve been friends for over 8 years!  I guess I’m keeping him. 🙂
  11. When I was 21 I punched an ex-boyfriend in the mouth, got kicked out of the apartment we were living and ended up essentially homeless on the streets of NYC with $12 to my name. That’s obviously a much longer story.
  12. Since I quit my job last year I’ve been earning my living as a comedian, a baker and a writer. It’s not perfect, but I’m having a great time. Quitting that job was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
  13. I’m in the sketch comedy group Harvard Sailing Team. You can watch our videos here. We’ve been performing together for over 5 years. We’re a family.
  14. I own a boutique bakery called Fanny & Jane with my good friend Faryn. Owning and operating a small food business is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. And one of the most rewarding.
  15. I’m an improviser at The PIT in NYC on a house team called The Baldwins. When we got together a few years ago we almost named our group “Bird Attack: Caw! Caw!” but it lost by one vote. I’m still not sure we made the right decision.
  16. My favorite movie is “The Princess Bride.”
  17. My favorite TV show changes all the time – it’s currently the painfully awful CBS show, “Criminal Minds.” I can’t get enough of it.
  18. I fell in love with television – and with being an actor – by watching “Mad About You” obsessively as a kid. Helen Hunt was my idol for years.
  19. I drink coffee everyday. I don’t think I’ll ever quit.
  20. I could never be a vegetarian or a vegan. I don’t get it.
  21. Editing this to add that my very best friend, Daniel, who commented below, has never regularly read this blog before in his entire life until very recently. And for whatever…or whom…has made him turn over this new, surprising leaf, I am eternally grateful. Hi Dan!
  22. Editing this to add RANDY. He’s my best friend too. Jeez.

6 thoughts on “welcome new readers! + 21 things about me

  1. This is so great! I love to learn more about those who write the blogs that I read everyday! You already feel so close to them and then you find out something that you didnt know about them and think, “wow!” they are real people, just like me! You sound a lot like me too! I still have my boring receptionist job, but am currently working on following my bliss! I also have cats but WANT A DOG BADLY and I’m an only child. Oh, and mexican food is bangin’!! :):)

  2. I always want to do an “about me” list. but i can’t come up with enough things. you have inspired me once again, I think I will start working on mine now!

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