the $10K post

If you haven’t already heard it from me on Facebook, Twitter, in person, or when I screamed it from the rooftops – I had a pretty exciting night on Saturday.

Harvard Sailing Team was chosen a few months ago to be one of 5 finalists to compete to win $10,000 from the famous Friar’s Club. (You can see where this is headed, I’m guessing…)

So, this past Saturday night the 5 finalist sketch groups competed in front of a live audience. At the end of the show, a panel of judges decided which team would win the $10K. There was an envelope with the winning team name written inside, there was an “and the winner is…” speech, and there was lots of cheering and clapping and hugging.

THE POINT IS – WE WON!!!! We won the live competition! The four other teams are all very talented and have very strong sketches – we’re really lucky to have won. Needless to say, we screamed and hollered and grinned and we were on cloud 9 all night long.

And what was so awesome for me personally is that my cousin Trisha, who is one of my very favorite people, happens to be visiting from Kansas right now for a work conference, so she got to come to the show and watch the whole thing go down! So great!!

The Friar’s Club gave this money away so that the winning team can put it toward making a short film, which will then premiere at the Friar’s Club Film Festival in September! (Red carpet, potential celebrities, me in a dress, etc. etc.)

After the show was over on Saturday, we went to the actual Friar’s Club on 55th Street to celebrate, eat, drink and explore the iconic New York institution. It was a blast. I drank vodka grapefruit all night long (just learned they’re called Greyhounds!) and I woke up hungover as all get out. I’m definitely still coming down from the whole radical experience.

Sure, $10,000 isn’t millions, but it’s a lot more money than we’ve ever been able to put toward a project before. The momentum we’ve got going right now is so exciting, I can humbly say we’re on fire.

We’re headed to Montreal next month to perform in the world renowned “Just For Laughs” comedy festival which is a big deal in the comedy world. It’s tough to get into and the opportunity is a coveted one. We’re headlining the sketch portion of the festival and Michael Ian Black ( The State, Stella) is hosting our show. The whole event is packed to the gills with established and up-and-coming comedians – mostly stand-up, and we’re one of three sketch groups from around the world who were chosen to perform. It’s an opportunity to be seen by a ton of industry insiders who make big decisions in the world of TV and movies.

It’s so fantastic to realize that we’ve worked so hard for over 5 years to get to this place. But we definitely can’t rest on our laurels now. There’s lots to be done. The short film for the Friar’s Club has to be completed by early September (and these things take time) so we’ve got to get to work right away. Plus, we’ve got several other amazing projects in the works right now that I can’t wait to tell you about someday soon.

Basically, it’s a great year for Harvard Sailing Team. And we’re thrilled.

$10,000!!!! Faryn‘s boyfriend David said, What if you misheard the Friar’s Club and they actually awarded you 10,000 doll hairs. HA. I’m sure we’d find something to do with them.


13 thoughts on “the $10K post

  1. Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting, and I definitely will come see HST at the PIT after I move to New York next week. I can’t wait to see this awesome group that I’ve read so much about! πŸ˜‰

    Sidenote: I actually drank Greyhounds all night on Saturday too! And then had to move on Sunday. What a wicked hangover! Guess I should have drank more expensive vodka. πŸ™‚

    • Thats exactly what I thought when I woke up in pain, Shannon. Should asked for the nicer vodka. Oh well! Hope you will come check out the show. Let me know whenever you wanna come, I can try to snag you a comp ticket. πŸ˜‰

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