the end of june

I have such a love/love relationship with summer. But I’m also always dismayed when it passes through my fingers too quickly.

May is my favorite favorite month. May is like a Thursday. Almost the weekend. Time to party.

I love June too. June is like a Friday – one of the good ones when you have exciting, festive plans later that evening that make you happy to be alive all day long.

July is a perfect Saturday – relaxed, playful, no responsibilities for miles.

August is like a Saturday night. A great ol’ time – maybe you stay home, maybe you go out, but you’re chillin’.

September is like a lazy, calming Sunday. Monday morning has almost arrived, but you’re gonna milk the rest of the weekend for all its worth.

We’re about to enter the Saturday day of summer. Hot, festive, exhausting – the dogs days. Heaven.


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