will work for margaritas


These are chicken mole tacos from the cute little Mexican place near our apartment. I’d love a plate of these bad boys right now, along with a blood orange margarita and a scoop of their incredible guacamole. But I just got back from Las Vegas, you say? Where I drank margaritas the size of footballs? Yes, well. I’m not ready for the summer party to end.

A scrumptious dinner out isn’t gonna happen this week, though. And probably not next week either. It’s shaping up to be a very busy month…and I’m discovering that October will be similarly packed.

Between writing, rehearsing, performing, babysitting to help make ends meet and working on a few other fun projects, I’m almost as busy as I was back when I was working the 9-5 shift. (The difference now is that I actually like what I’m doing with my time.)

One of the best parts of 2010 so far has been all the traveling I’ve gotten to do. I was married to my office job schedule last year at this time so trips out of town were few and far between. This year I’ve had time to go to Montreal, Chicago (twice), Vegas, and this fall I’ll go to Philly and Florida…AND to Los Angeles for the first time in my life!

The LA trip will be a whole week with Harvard Sailing Team. We’re doing a show and taking care of some other biz on the West Coast – can’t wait! I loved being near that part of the world this past weekend, so I’m excited to go back in just a few weeks. I’m looking foward to the weather, the change of lifestyle pace, and catching up with a bunch of old college and high school friends who live in Cali now.

In the meantime, it’s still warm and sunny here in New York and even though the kids are all marching back to into school this week, it doesn’t quite feel like summer’s over for me yet. Maybe I can talk Kev into a Mexican night out this weekend. 🙂


4 thoughts on “will work for margaritas

      • I always liked MaryAnne’s in Chelsea.
        My friend & I used to hit Arriba Arriba in Hell’s Kitchen for the lunch special, which offered a FREE ‘rita (the real kind) before your meal. Bless their hearts. Reasonable portions kept you from getting over-stuffed and the food was simply yum. Gorgeous waiters, too. (Side note: I worked in Chelsea for a while, and I’m pretty sure there is some secret law you must be beautiful to wait tables there. Just a theory).

        I was thinking of taking the train in (for obvious tequila reasons) so think I need to stick with Manhattan, Hoboken for logistical purposes. If anyone tosses a recommendation your way, please pass it on! I need me some cheese.

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