my new job

I’m back in Brooklyn after a great week in Los Angeles. I had a blast on the trip, but I’m glad to be home – I am reminded how much I love New York City.

Today, Kevin made us brunch, then we did some shopping (new shoes!), and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening. It was perfect.

Los Angeles was an awesome experience for Harvard Sailing Team. We had so much fun together, got a lot done, and things are moving in a great direction right now – we’re definitely pinching ourselves.

While we were in LA, I was also lucky enough to get to do an improv show with my cousin Jane Morris  at her theater in Culver City. She generously invited me to do a set with her all-girls group and we had a great show! I’d actually never met Jane before this trip – it was awesome to meet a successful working actress and improviser in LA who’s related to me! She was very sweet and super funny.

In other New York news, my improv team The Baldwins has moved to Saturday nights at The PIT alongside the talented and star-studded Big Black Car. I’m so grateful to now get to do an often sold-out HST show on Friday nights and an exciting, smart improv show with some of my favorite people on Saturdays.

The new class I’m teaching also starts this week! It’s called Acting for Sketch and Scripted Comedy.  It should be an action-packed four weeks. I can’t wait.

Here’s what this all means for the rest of my professional life: since we put the bakery on hiatus this summer, I’ve been writing, temping and babysitting to pay the bills. I want to eventually earn my living as an actor and a writer. The bakery dream is on the backburner for now and what Fanny & Jane will be in our lives in the coming months and years is still being decided.

In many ways, I’m back to square one. I need another a paycheck job because I rehearse, perform, teach or coach six nights a week, sometimes seven.

Not to mention, I’ve been earning money rather unpredictably for the last year while Kevin’s has been the stable income in our apartment. But now Kevin’s about to take some exciting risks in his own career and I want to be able to support us like he has – to give the gift to him that he’s given to me for the last year.

As if all these needs were being answered by the universe, a few weeks ago I was offered one of the best paycheck jobs I’ve ever been offered. I was looking for temp jobs on Craigslist and came across one full-time job ad that drew me in. The ad was concise, warm and grammatically correct. They didn’t list compensation, but it seemed like the money might be good and the ad mentioned great benefits. So I applied. It was the first and only full-time job I would apply for in over three years.

A few days later, I went in for the interview, the first and only full-time job interview I’d go on in over three years. When they told me more about the position I became even more curious and interested. After we all had a nice chat about my skills, my experience and my plans, they told me they had stacks of resumes and had already interviewed a handful of people but no one else felt right. They offered me the job on the spot.

If I accepted, I would be offered full medical, they would pay for my subway pass each month and I’d get one month’s vacation a year. I told them how much money I wanted, they agreed without protest. The hours would be humane, the boss told me he’d think it was weird if I stayed til 6:10 instead of 6:00. I liked the sound of that. I told them I did comedy on evenings and weekends. They thought that was just fine. I met everyone else in the office. They all seemed very kind.

I left their building not knowing what to feel or how to think about what had just happened. Nothing like this had ever happened to me in 12 years of living in New York. To walk into an office and be offered a well-paying job that fits your current lifestyle without barely batting an eye? New Yorkers usually have fight and claw for jobs. This one had fallen into my lap. I felt nervous, excited, upset – I was sick to my stomach. I wanted to run. The whole thing had been a whirlwind. I texted Kevin, called my mom, texted Daniel. Later that day I emailed a few other friends to get their feedback. They each couldn’t believe it, were proud of me, and encouraged me to consider it.

It was not an easy decision. But I’ve decided to accept the job.

It’s not permanent and it’s not a death sentence (and I’ve had to repeatedly remind myself of that). But for now, this is going to help me out in a huge way. I’ve celebrated by buying some cute new work clothes, new shoes, and planning some trips.

I was back in an office environment recently at that temp job. It wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but the money was good and I really didn’t mind the rest of it. Maybe I’ve grown up a little.

It’s strange for me to feel this way about working in an office – the type of job I once promised myself I’d never have again – but I’m excited. I have a new direction in my creative career that inspires, excites and fulfills me. But it isn’t making me money today. So I’m going back to a job that I know I can do well and that pays me what I’m worth.

For a month or so at the end of this summer, I was – to be completely honest – bored out of my mind. I wasn’t working on anything in particular during the days, I was writing when I was inspired, but otherwise I had trouble trying to fill up my time. I didn’t know what to do to make more money. I wasn’t motivated to exercise, spent hours cleaning the house, and really missed having a routine and interacting with people. I’m not sure if I was depressed, but I definitely wasn’t thriving. I’m hoping this new job will help me to thrive again.

So what’s my new job? I’m the Head Partner’s Executive Assistant at a well-established Manhattan music law firm. The firm has some impressive clients, is located in a lively part of town and apparently they like to treat their employees well. I’m looking forward to my first day.

It’s tomorrow. Monday.

After work tomorrow I’m going to be jumping into an audition and then an HST conference call, and kicking off what’s about to be a very busy few months where I’ll probably be burning the candle at both ends a lot. I’m excited to find out what’s in store.

This is what it’s all about.


4 thoughts on “my new job

  1. I think this was a wise choice and I think it’s great that you didn’t let pride get in the way of what you needed. This will be great for you! Congrats, can’t wait to hear more about it!

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