vacation in sight!

I’m plugging along over here. Work is pretty constant and I go between minding it and not minding it. Intellectually, I understand this is just a point on the road map. Someday I will not work at this job, but for now I need to. I will eventually leave and take with me its lessons, perks and bruises.

My boss is an intense guy – funny and kind, but hard to keep up with too. I do a lot of computer work all day long. He dictates emails over my shoulder several times a day. My already strong typing skills are becoming super human.

Also, I don’t know if I’ve said this before but he’s the attorney for the estate of a famous, bespectacled British musician who was killed 30 years ago, and for his widow. I’m legally not allowed to tell you who, obviously, but maybe you get the idea. (And the last firm I worked for represented some of the biggest names in pop and hip hop.) Needless to say, the celebrity aspect of the job gives it some spice, when, in reality, I’m just pushing papers for these people. But the perks are neat and I’m newly interested in classic rock history.

At the end of next week I head home to Crystal Lake, and then down to my grandparents house in Southern Illinois. I can’t wait for a vacation.

Hope everyone is staying warm and has shoveled out if you had a big storm! No storms here but it’s been bitterly cold. Yikes!


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