not rocket science

My only New Year’s resolution this year is to wake up earlier.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a notoriously late sleeper. If I didn’t feel obligated to participate in adult society I might sleep until noon every day. When I was working for myself from home last year and had a much more flexible schedule I would struggle to get out of bed before 10am after staying up until 4.

But now my day job starts at 9:30. And I exhaust myself when I try to grab a few extra minutes of sleep and inevitably wake up later than I intend to and stumble out of bed, hoping to make coffee and get dressed while I’m still unconscious.

I’ve always known, deep down, that waking up earlier would be a positive thing for my life. I could imagine the cool, quiet mornings alone in my living room, sipping coffee, stretching out on a yoga mat, maybe doing some writing. But sleep is a vixen and despite my best intentions, I always let her lure me back in. There are few feelings I adore more than falling back to sleep after my alarm goes off. It’s perfection…Until the alarm goes off again.

I’m optimistic but cautious about this resolution. I don’t have any huge plans for how to spend my new, improved mornings. I’m actually curious to find out what I end up filling them with. And truth be told, this could end in complete defeat. But I bought a new programmable coffee maker that miraculously makes me hot coffee while I’m still asleep. And spending that $24.99 on this resolution means I’m serious.

So this morning I successfully woke up much earlier than I did on weekdays in 2010, and even though I initially sat on the edge of my bed for a few minutes toying with the idea of scraping the whole plan until 2012, I eventually got up, poured myself some magical mystery coffee, did 20 minutes of gentle yoga and then ate my toast while I watched the news.

It’s not rocket science, but I felt a little more centered as I walked into the office this morning than I usually do.

Being back at work today is fine. I hate it. And it’s fine. There’s always a bit of culture shock when you return to a job you’re not thrilled about after a great vacation. But I’m grateful for the money this job provides me to, for instance, travel for the holidays, buy gifts, go to the movies, get new sweaters, stock our fridge full of NOT cookies and all the other relaxing, wonderful things I did over the holiday break. And I will keep that in mind today as I slog through hundreds of emails and dozens of files, bills, documents and agreements.

Hopefully gifting myself a more peaceful morning will help the first Monday of my 2011 unfold gently. If not, the Chipotle burrito I plan to have for lunch today will surely do the trick.


2 thoughts on “not rocket science

  1. There’s just gotta be a happy medium – you can’t get out of bed, and I can’t keep my eyes shut past 6 AM. Which, if it was just about me, would be fine, but it drives Mike INSANE!!!!! Because then he wakes up, and he could easily sleep all day like you. 😉

    May I also suggest the following:
    1) No caffeine after 3 PM
    2) No eating or drinking alcohol after 8 PM
    3) Invest in an alarm clock that wakes you with gradually increasing light
    4) Once the sun starts rising earlier, sleep wtih your blinds open and face your bed towards the light

    Good luck!

  2. What a tangible (hopefully:) resolution- and a little one that allows for a lot more lovely moments and relaxation for you!
    I know how you feel about hating corporate life yet— having to not worry about money helps you feel a little less hostile to the corporate world (especially when you know it’s temporary). I’m ‘fleshing out’ how to segue the discoveries I made in Thailand into life here and am working (at my parents so it’s not too bad:) SHREDDING stuff during the day. My next post is gonna be along these lines- It’s funny how life is all about compromise and in making the compromising finding a balance right?
    Happy New Year Jen!

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