pretty dresses and dry mouths

We got some great news last week! Harvard Sailing Team’s “Boys Will Be Girls” video has been nominated for Best Viral Original in the The Comedy Awards. This is really exciting for us, especially because the other videos nominated are unbelievably funny and star some of our favorite comedians. I mean, Chris’ face in this collage from their website is next to Jim Carrey’s face?! WHAT!

This is the debut year for The Comedy Awards. They were created by MTV Networks and Comedy Central, and the board that chose the nominees is comprised of some amazing comedians and heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. Conan O’Brien, Billy Crystal, Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock, Lily Tomlin, Whoopi Goldberg…just to name a few…oof, I just got a little nauseous. Just knowing that even one person from that list might have seen our video is humbling and makes my mouth dry.

The awards show will air on Comedy Central on Sunday, April 10, and according to the website, it will also be simulcast on a bunch of other networks like VH1 and Nick at Nite. Nick at Nite! Twelve year old me just lost consciousness.

The one catch is, we don’t get to GO to the actual awards show unless we WIN. Getting to go to the event, accept an award, and wear pretty dresses would be incredible exposure for us, and would probably also one be of the more exciting evenings of our young lives. But all that aside, it’s obviously an incredible honor for us just to be nominated.

The Comedy Awards says that the winner will be selected by a group of  “professionals from the comedy community-including producers, writers, performers, directors and stand-ups.”

BUT the online-only category winners will ALSO be decided by votes from their fans.

We’d love your vote!

And this is one of those where you can vote once a day (ugh) so…maybe if you’re my mom or my cousin, you’ll vote once a day! 🙂 I’m not holding my breath that we’ll win – the other videos in the category are brilliant – but maybe we’ll have a shot!

Thanks so much in advance for your vote and support.


the new theater

Our beloved comedy theater, the PIT, where I perform and teach, has moved to a beautiful, huge new space across town.

The old theater was a fantastic space and so much great stuff happened within those walls for me personally and for Harvard Sailing Team. But the new space just raises the stakes. To quote my friend and the artistic director of the PIT, Jeff, the new theater is a “game changer.” For sure.

HST has done two shows there since the space opened (we perform every Friday at 9:30) and they have been two of the most exhilarating, challenging and rewarding shows we’ve done in a while. There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of doing a good comedy show that makes a room full of people laugh hard. It’s a drug.

My improv team The Baldwins also does a show once a week on Saturday nights and those are a blast too. We perform with another critically acclaimed group called Big Black Car. Kev and I are about to head out the door to that show right now! (And then we’ll get some sushi for dinner…and I’m not saying I’m going to drag him shoe shopping too, but I’m not not saying it either.)

The point is, I’m so lucky – we all are – to get to perform in this awesome new theater, which lends some serious respect to the crafts we’re practicing up there. I’m a lucky duckling and this is a period in my life I will probably always remember fondly.

Also, if I may continue to brag about my comedy group, HST won a big-deal award earlier this week which really caught us off guard. It’s called the Nightlife award. The ceremony is in a couple weeks at a renowned venue called Town Hall and we get to perform in the ceremony in front of hundreds of people, many of whom are probably going to be stars, producers and directors, and many of whom we have all idolized for years. So excited! (You can read more about the Nightlife award, past winners and how we’re big theater dorks on the HST blog.)

happy thursday!

We’ve launched a couple new HST videos in the last few weeks. Woot!

“The World Is The Best” is our first music video – a digital version of one of our favorite musical sketches from our live show. We had so much fun shooting this bad boy. Being crammed into an audio booth with your best friends for a few hours in a row is simultaneously miserable and wonderful.

We made this short for Movember,  a global initiative that raises awareness about prostate cancer and encourages people to grow mustaches during the month of November to show their support.

los angeles!

Our HST trip to Los Angeles has been a blast so far! We had a private screening of our new movie the first night we arrived, and we’ll do another screening plus a live show on Tuesday night at the UCB LA.

We’ve also had a productive writing meeting, gotten to see some sights, hiked up Runyon Canyon, and had a delicious BBQ at our friend Marina’s parents’ house.

I’m loving the weather (obviously) and having a great time driving around, which I get to do so rarely in New York. (It is a little crazy to look around on the freeways and see that most cars only have one person in them – seems like such a waste.)

I’m excited that we’re still here for another five days – I’m really enjoying myself and trying to relax before returning to the hustle of New York. This city seems like a lovely marriage of the urban and suburban experience. Plus, so many taco stands!


When Kevin and I were gifted an awesome used leather couch this past weekend, I was inspired to clean up my little corner of the living room because the rest of the room looked so great. (You can see a pic of the couch here!)

Long story short, I found some hilarious old photos, like the one above.

That’s Harvard Sailing Team at the Chicago SketchFest in 1979. I’m kidding, it was 1989.

I’m kidding. It was 2005, I think?

Except Billy (far right) just stepped out of a “Welcome Back, Kotter” episode.

Even though it wasn’t really that long ago, it feels like eons. We look so young! And our hair…it’s killing me.

(Incidentally, one guy you might not recognize in this photo is our good friend Matt Decker on the far left. Matt was a member of the group for the first year we were together, but then he moved away. We miss him. And absent from the photo is Faryn who was studying abroad in Spain at the time.)

We’re making our short film this weekend with the Friars Club money we won earlier this summer and we’re so excited. When we all needed better haircuts back in 2005, who knew we’d get to make a short film together just a few years later?

boys will be girls – the sequel!

Our new video has gotten some generous love from the worldwide web this week. We’ve been featured on Andrew Sullivan’s blog at The Atlantic (thanks, Trish, for the tip!), New York Magazine and Comedy Central again! 

We’re having a great time in Montreal – it has been a very inspiring, exciting and life-affirming trip in a lot of ways. And it’s also great to get to spend so much time with my best friends. It’s certainly a tiring and busy and nonstop kind of festival, but all in all, it’s been an amazing experience. 

Hope you enjoy the new vid, “Boys Will Be Girls: Night Out.” 

See you back in the states!

we’re in montreal!

Just a quick check-in to let you know that Harvard Sailing Team has arrived in Montreal. Everything is written in French!

The Just for Laughs Festival is great so far. We’ve talked to Tom Green and other celebs whose names I can’t remember, and I worked out next to John Leguizamo this morning! Woot!

We arrived late last night, saw a show, had some dinner, boozed and shmoozed and then crashed into bed, totally exhausted. We’re about to go explore the downtown area today. 

This festival is such an exciting event – there’s so much to see and do. I’m hoping we can see Steve Martin’s show later in the week! Yikes!!

happy july!

It’s Monday night. I’m exhausted from a great weekend of drinking and eating and being cooked alive by these blazing temps. I can’t wait to sleep tonight. I successfully celebrated the holiday weekend.

Blogging might be light in the month of July. It’s going to be a really busy month. Harvard Sailing Team is in full-speed ahead mode right now as we juggle a bunch of important projects at once.

We go to the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal in a week (eep!). We’ll be gone for six days.

We’re also writing our short film right now – the one we have to make with the $10K from the Friar’s Club. It’s going well – we’re having a great time with it.

Besides that, we’ve got our regular Friday night shows, another couple projects in the works, and – get this! We have a photo shoot on a sailboat this week! YAY! I can’t wait.

After we return from Montreal, Kev and I will be home in Brooklyn for one day and then we turn around to head to Chicago for my cousin Kalan’s wedding. Also really looking forward to that!

Busy month.

In the meantime, check out the first piece in my weekly column this month over on Spring, a great site all about inspiration. Spring’s theme in July is self care. I’ll be posting an entry every Monday!

Happy summer!

the $10K post

If you haven’t already heard it from me on Facebook, Twitter, in person, or when I screamed it from the rooftops – I had a pretty exciting night on Saturday.

Harvard Sailing Team was chosen a few months ago to be one of 5 finalists to compete to win $10,000 from the famous Friar’s Club. (You can see where this is headed, I’m guessing…) Continue reading