daily dessert – sweet melissa

I had such a great weekend – I really needed it. I usually work on the weekends, but I decided to let myself off the hook so I could usher in the season properly.

On Saturday, we cleaned the hell out of the apartment, which always feels amazing. We collected five huge bags of shoes and clothes to donate and made some promises to each other about keeping up on our chores so we can maintain all our hard work.

Sunday was a day of complete leisure – a picnic in Prospect Park with my friends from The PIT, lots of drinking and eating and playing games. It was a blast. I slept hard Sunday night.

And today, Monday, I did some work in the morning, went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in the afternoon (pictures later this week!), and met up with my friend Daniel for a stroll in Park Slope and a fantastic dinner in the early evening.

On our stroll, we walked by Sweet Melissa Patisserie – I’ve seen it a dozen times but I’ve never been inside. Today I left my real camera at home, but I snapped some shots with my phone – it’s such a cute little bakery.

We ordered two small bite-sized items: a delicious little Florentine and a thumbprint cookie. Both were excellent. I’d love to go back and sample some more of their yummy treats. Plus, they sell ice cream, coffee, have an adorable seating area AND a back garden!

Sweet Melissa Patisserie
175 Seventh Avenue (btwn 1st & 2nd Streets)
Brooklyn, NY
(They also have a Carroll Gardens location.)

I’m ready for June to begin tomorrow! I’m looking forward to a great week.


pret a manger coffee

The rain yesterday made me feel tired and water-logged all day long. After an appointment and some lunch, I stopped off at Pret A Manger for coffee and a sweet treat. Starbucks is right across the street, but I don’t really care for their coffee. It’s too bold for me. Or something.

I love Pret’s coffee, though. When I used to have a desk job, I walked by a Pret every morning on my way into the office and would often stop in for a cup of their “Less Strong” stuff. It’s so yummy. And it’s organic!

Sadly, though, I ended up tossing this coffee out after only a few sips! I was running late and had to take it to go, and when I tried to carry it along with my bag and umbrella in the pouring rain, I spilled scalding coffee all over my hand and had to suppress homicidal urges to get through throngs of people. So into the trash it went.

It’s not rainy here today, thank GOD! It’s still overcast, but we’re headed in the right direction. C’mon May! Let’s see what you can do!

work + coffee

Tuesdays are usually run-around days for me.

Today is a rainy, miserable mess. Schlepping around from appointment to appointment has been a big ol’ hassle.

But there’s always a silver lining, isn’t there?

I’m up by Columbia University (116th St. & Broadway) and I found myself a lovely little indoor/outdoor cafe with free Wi-Fi AND an available electrical outlet. (Score!)

So I’ve got myself a cup of decaf and I’m settled in doing some work before my next meeting. I can see, hear and smell the rain, but I can’t feel it. (Also score.)

Rainy days are so wonderful when you’re inside.

p.s. Next meeting is for Harvard Sailing Team – we’re Skyping with Chris and Rebecca, the two members who have moved to California! Can’t wait to talk to them.