the magic hour

I took a long walk through Prospect Park at dusk last night. I needed it.

Concert music from the bandshell drifted along the grounds. So many people were playing soccer, walking dogs, jogging, laying in the grass. Little kiddos were yelling and screaming and giggling as they ran around in the dirt without shoes.

It smelled like a breezy, warm summer evening.

It was perfect.



This is the very yummy black bean soup, guacamole and Corona Light I had the other night at Barrio in Park Slope. Yelp shows mixed reviews of this place, but I really enjoyed it. First of all, there’s a huge outdoor seating section in the warm months. And I live for outdoor seating. It’s my favorite way to dine.

Plus, they have unlimited tacos and sangria on Monday nights, and I think they do unlimited quesadillas on Wednesdays. Did you hear me? UNLIMITED!

Sitting outside, eating Mexican food – that’s what I want to be doing right before I die.