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If you know New York cookies, you know Eleni’s. I became familiar with this yummy, adorable cookie shop during college because my acting school studio was right across the street from Chelsea Market, where Eleni’s resides. It’s right next door to Fat Witch, which has also made an appearance in daily dessert. It’s really impressive to see how much Eleni’s has grown since I first started visiting the shop over ten years ago. They’ve expanded their product line and their space is lovelier than ever.

I popped into Eleni’s last night before my Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal. I was running late because I’d gotten caught up at work (The new desk job role is proving to be more work than expected, but I’m still sitting by windows so I don’t have much room to complain.) and I figured a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt. Eleni’s sells some of their sweets for half price at the end of each day, so I got a beautiful snickerdoodle cookie for $.75! What a bargain! I know that Faryn, who likes cookies and bargains probably more than anyone else I know, also really likes Eleni’s.

I absolutely love snickerdoodles and if you haven’t had one before, please make a point to do so. When done just right, they are deelish, and this one was perfect – soft, chewy, salty and sweetly spicy. I only ate half of it because I wasn’t feeling that hungry so I’ll have the rest another day.

Come to think of it, I’ve never had a cookie or a cupcake from Eleni’s that I didn’t like. And they do same day delivery in Manhattan! That’s awesome.


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3 thoughts on “daily dessert

  1. Oh Jen, you know me too well. I too went to Eleni’s last night before rehearsal! Shocked by their amazing half-off deal I got a blondie and a heart-shaped brownie (each only $0.75!). Sweet deal. My favorite.

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