daily dessert


This is called a Magic Bar. I’ve told you all before that I love bars. My favorite Fanny & Jane sweet is our Nutty Chewy Chocolate Graham Bar. To me, the mark of a good bakery is one that makes some kind of bar, usually with a graham cracker crust, usually topped with all sorts of yummy things like coconut, chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and love. Sure, anybody can make a brownie or a cupcake, but if your menu includes a bar? You are obviously willing to think outside the box a little bit. And I’m all about that.

Kevin and I were walking around yesterday afternoon after delivering the Fancy Nancy cake, and we happened upon this little bakery called The Local Store. I took one of their business cards, but now I can’t find it! And I can’t find a website for them either. So maybe it was just a figment of my imagination. I hope not.



It’s a “whole grain bakery!” Cool, right? I’m not sure I’ve seen one of those before. It was somewhere between 49th and 53rd Street, somewhere between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue. If you decide to check it out, just walk around those blocks until you find it. And bring an umbrella so you’re not mad at me if it starts raining.

Naturally, I couldn’t walk by without popping in to see what was what. The women who owns the place rung me up. (I know, because I asked her.) They’ve been open for three months, and they seem to have a delightful array of different whole grain sweets, and a few savory lunch type items too. The space itself was really lovely – all kinds of dark wood, pretty fixtures, and a nice little seating area. The owner looked…tired. Meeting her even only briefly definitely left me with some food for thought.

The Magic Bar was incredibly good. Kevin had some too, and loved it. There were cherries in it, which is basically why I get up in the morning – the potential for cherries to be in anything I eat.


I ate a few bites of the bar after I bought it, and then I finished the rest of it while sitting on the 2nd floor of Whole Foods, overlooking Union Square. Kevin and I grabbed some lunch there and enjoyed the view.




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